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I swear I forget I have a blog sometimes. It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything and not that things are ever that interesting but it’s nice to have a central place to jot things down for future reference. Here’s are the cliff notes:

– Been back to work for a month now which is going good. It’s nice to have a routine back. The only drawback to being full time is I have had to stop breastfeeding all together. I was trying to hang on as long as I could and we made it to 2.5 months, but it was becoming too stressful and I was only pumping about 4 oz for the entire day. That doesn’t really even cover a feeding for Emma right now.  So now we are bottle fed. That has been a HUGE emotional decision for me that I still am riddled with guilt over but I’m slowly getting past that now thanks to the support from my family and husband. I was formula fed and turned out ok. Right? RIIIIGHT? LOL

– Emma is growing like a weed. I swear she grows overnight. She is just a joy right now. Laughing and keeping us all entertained. Still can’t believe she is almost 3 months old. *sigh* – they don’t stay babies long.

– Girls are doing great. Been busy with sports and traveling soccer. We had a blast couple weekends ago decorating for Halloween and carving pumpkins. We also had a very nice visit with Grandma and Grandpa Lamb that same weekend. They got to watch all three girls play soccer and carve pumpkins with us and they got to love on Emma.  – Wish we all lived closer to have more weekends like that. But I guess the distance also makes the visits even more fun and special.

-Had a low key Halloween night. The girls were with their mom and I didn’t feel like getting Emma out in the cold. Not that she would have much use for candy right now, and Lord knows I don’t need it.  But we passed out the candy and everyone loved how the girls decorated the yard and were even taking pictures of the decorations. One thing I don’t understand though is how the porch light rule is no longer applicable? We ran out of candy about 7:30 and I literally sat in the dark but kids still were insistently ringing the doorbell. When I was a kid, no porch light meant no candy…….

Funny story speaking of Halloween – so I had to run to Walmart after work to get the candy and of course I’m in a hurry because I still had to go get Emma from daycare. And who isn’t in a hurry to get out of Walmart anyway? The place was a madhouse. Anyhoo – I grab some candy and I’m walking towards the registers when my boot slips on the floor and I go SPLAT. The candy goes skidding across the floor and my right elbow and knee took quite a blow. I don’t think I’ve moved so fast in getting up although I did have a slight gimp to my step. How stinking embarrasing and to have it happen in front of the store. Why not in a more private aisle or something. I’m sure it was quite the scene. Now I have a bruised knee and elbow and ego. Lesson learned…..don’t rush when in heels or boots on slick floors.

Now moving on to more scrapbooking stuff –

– For the Luv of Art will be hosting a Pinterest crop starting November 11. I’m loving this crop because now I can actually create something I’ve pinned! LOL I will post more details on the crop as they come available because trust me, you won’t want to miss the fun!

We have the weekly challenge up for November too that you can play along with here. But here’s the sketch I created for the Challenge. Be sure to go over and play along!

Here are a couple things I’ve created with some of the awesome MME – Mischevious line that you can pick up from FTLOA store here.

I will leave you with some digital projects I’ve done recently too. Still loving this Heritage Makers and I just got my order from all the layouts I’ve done and I have to just say what great quality and I am amazed how dimensional it looks even though it’s flat. love love love. And I’m super excited to be able to stay up on Emma’s scrapbook.


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I have to share!!! I can finally feel little *Emma* move from the outside!!! She’s been a little mover for a while but it hasn’t been this intense to where anyone can feel her but me. But as I was laying in bed she kicked me pretty hard and I put my hand there and she did it again. Yep, definitely felt that on the outside! It’s the best feeling in the world! ♥ Everyone is warning me for the “alien” movements. You know, the ones where you can see the hands and feet rolling on the outside of your tummy when they move? that will be…ummm…interesting. — I’m sure that won’t be for a few more weeks / months though. I go back for my checkup on Monday the 2nd. 24 weeks. Can you believe that? I will be embarking on my last month of my 2nd trimester. Scary and exciting all at the same time. I think my family is still unspokenly holding out that little *Emma* will be a little *Emmitt* — LOL — I guess we will get another looksy on Monday since I do have to get another ultrasound done!!!

But this past weekend, I got to do a little fun scrapping for me so I played around with some more Pink Paislee goodies. This time the Daily Junque line. I love the color palette in these papers and thought it’d be great to use for my 20 week belly photo I took. *now mind you when I see this photo of myself, the Beatles song “We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine” echos through my brain* and now I have just gone and permantely placed that  in my memory book but hey – it’s good to have those photos we can all look back on and go ??????  *snort*  — note to self,  my next belly shot will NOT be taken in bright neon colors. But hey – at least it compliments these Pink Paislee papers!!! speaking like a true scrapbooker, eh?

And I was totally surprised to find this next project not only made the feature of the day at 2peas last week but was also chosen as one of this week’s gallery inspiration over at the Creating Keepsakes Blog.  It’s a pretty simple and quick mini from Little Yellow Bicycle that I put together  for my MIL’s birthday. I wanted to create something special for her. Something personal, so to add a more personal touch, I used those envelopes to the left of each of our photos to tuck away a personalized note from each of us.  ♥♥♥  I loved how it turned out and so did she!

And I know some of you were asking about my Home Sweet Home Framed project I created in my post for the blog hop about what the actual measurements of the frame are. The actual measurements are 6 x 11.  I also just wanted to say THANK YOU to all who participated in the Hop! It was a lot of fun and hope you got some good inspiration along the way!

I trust everyone had a Blessed Easter Weekend with a renewed faith and that the Easter Bunny was good to you – we had a great time with the kids and coloring eggs! Hopefully I will get around to scrapping some of the pictures I got soon!

Have a great week! Love ~ Renee ♥

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Welcome to the first ever Blop Hop for FTLOA!!! And welcome to my humble blog. If this is your first time visiting, I hope you visit again! By now you’ve probably enjoyed and gained loads of inspiration! I hope you enjoy what I will share with you today! And just a reminder to be sure to post a comment on each blog you visit to increase your chances of winning a fabulous prize!!

Here is a list of the designers included in the hop in case you’ve gotten lost along the way:

For The Luv of Art Blog  <—– START HERE

Carrie Ferrier

Sheri Twing

Jaime Warren

Lisa Day

Renee Dezember

Renee Lamb <—— YOU ARE HERE!

Norma Kennedy

So what will you have a chance to win here? How about this fabulous set of Pink Paislee stamps?

These stamps are a lot of fun and as you will see, they were used in a few of my projects! So be sure to leave me a comment for your chance to win this stamp set! **Also, be sure to include an email address or some way for me to contact you in case your name is drawn! I will randomly choose a winner on Monday morning. 🙂

Now – on to the fun stuff right? Here are my projects for you:  (if you click on the image you can view it larger)

Favorite Summer Treat

Supplies: Border punches, MS Butterfly Punch, Machine Stitching, Letter stickers are Pink Paislee and American Crafts

Pink Paislee “Hometown Summer” Border Stickers Pack , Pink Paislee “Hometown Summer” Baubles Embellishments, Pink Paislee “Hometown Summer” Press-Ons, Pink Paislee “Hometown Summer” Punchouts ,Pink Paislee Hometown Summer “Green Acres”, Pink Paislee Hometown Summer “Fruit Stand”, Pink Paislee Hometown Summer “Summer Fun” , Pink Paislee Hometown Summer “Sunnyside Lane” , Pink Paislee Hometown Summer “Heat Wave”

Home Sweet Home

Supplies: I found the black frame at Michael’s on clearance for $2.oo. I cut slits in the bottom of the green to create the rolled effect by using a slim pen. The letters on the banner are from stash.

Pink Paislee “Hometown Summer” Punchouts, Pink Paislee Hometown Summer “Sunnyside Lane”, Pink Paislee Hometown Summer “Neighborhood Pool”, Pink Paislee Hometown Summer “Green Acres”

Let’s Get Together – BBQ Invites!

Supplies: I started with basic white cardstock and using my computer I printed Let’s Get together and the when and where. Leaving approximately 4″ of space for my design space.   I stamped my background using the Pink Paislee stamp set. I also used the stamps for the watermelon and BBQ. The “note” pulls out to read BYOB.

Pink Paislee Hometown Summer “Green Acres”, Pink Paislee “Hometown Summer” Impressions Clear Stamps, American Crafts Textured Cardstock “Scarlet”

 Read – Bookmark

We are lucky to have kids that love to read. Our youngest was asking me for a bookmark the other night so I thought “how PERFECT would this line be for a bookmark?” And voila’, the bookmark is created!

Supplies: Pink Paislee Hometown Summer “Fruit Stand”, Pink Paislee “Hometown Summer” Punchouts, Pink Paislee Hometown Summer “Sunnyside Lane” , Pink Paislee Hometown Summer “Heat Wave”

 Now I’m super excited to share these next two projects with you because it was inspired by ONE sheet of 12×12 paper – this one:

Isn’t it fun?? So the first project I will share with you is my ABC book.

ABC – Mini Book

*Helpful tip: I used the same design for each letter of the alphabet which helps makes this little baby go by so much quicker! This is pretty tiny – it only measures 2 x 2.5. To make this a little more sturdy I cut pieces of chipboard to adhere my paper too. I just used 2″ binder rings to bind it together using my Big Bite to punch through the paper/chipboard.

Supplies: Pink Paislee Hometown Summer “Summer Fun” , Pink Paislee “Hometown Summer” 12×12 Pattern Paper Pack, Pink Paislee “Hometown Summer” Press-Ons

And finally – I had the other squares with the boys/girls on it leftover after this mini was done and noticed how there were at least two of each! The count came out to be PERFECT for 12 pairs (24 total) cards to make a Memory game out of them! And that’s exactly what I did!

I found a small black box that measures about 2.25″ around.  The cards themselves measure about 1.75 x 1.75 “.  I adhered the pictures to the cardstock. To decorate the backside of the cards, I stamped the starbursts using the Pink Paislee stamp set above. The rules book I also used the bubble stamp and then typed up the rules and glued to a 2” circle.

Supplies: Pink Paislee “Hometown Summer” Press-Ons, Pink Paislee “Hometown Summer” Impressions Clear Stamps, Pink Paislee Hometown Summer “Fruit Stand”, Pink Paislee “Hometown Summer” Punchouts, Pink Paislee Hometown Summer “Heat Wave”

Well, I hope you enjoyed your stay here and be sure to leave me a comment to enter for a chance to win the Pink Paislee Hometown Summer Clear Stamps!!! Now go here: Norma Kennedy for another chance to win more goodies! Have a great weekend! And be sure to check back on Monday to see if you are the lucky winner! xoxoxoxoxo ~ Renee

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What’s cookin??


“I do not claim, nor have I EVER, claimed to be a domestic goddess.”

I keep a clean house with fresh laundry but when it comes to the cooking, I just don’t have the time and I don’t want to kill myself trying to do everything. To me, cooking is popping in a frozen pizza or whipping up some tacos and bean burritos or my fave…FEND FOR YOURSELF. But when my husband comes home one night and actually makes a statement such as…and I quote, “I really like eating cereal for dinner.” Something inside me was like…woah, ok. Maybe I need to become a LITTLE more domesticated.

I know I’m painting a picture like I NEVER cook but I do sometimes. Usually on Sundays I will make a big meal that can linger throughout the week but it’s not every Sunday. And I have been wanting to get better at meal planning to hopefully cut down the cost of groceries as well, so this morning while drinking my coffee I did just that. I planned a weeks worth of meals and made a shopping list and hit the store.And I see how this can be economically effective.

I am on my way people. Small Steps.

I have to share a recipe that I did today (which I am super proud of) — go back to statement of not being a domestic godess — and you will understand that I’m excited about this recipe that I did.

Have you ever tried the low fat Chicken Salad at Subway? Well, if not, it’s goooood. And I’ve been thinking it can’t be that hard to make. So today, I played. And it was worth it! Now I can have my own healthy (actually even healthier) version way cheaper! YAY!

Low Fat Chicken Salad

4 servings = 2 points per serving (approximately 1/4 cup)

10 oz. can premium chicken breast in water
2 tbsp fat free sour cream
1/4 cup nonfat yogurt
1 tsp dijon mustard
4 slices medium size apple
1 tsp lemon juice
pecans (optional)
6-7 grapes diced (optional)
salt / pepper to taste (optional)
2 tbsp parsley (optional)

***if you add pecans be sure to add the extra point value
(you can also add raisins but I didn’t have any at the house and forgot to get some at the store) – but I bet it would be a great addition)

Just mix it all up and you have yourself a sandwich! Enjoy!!! ♥ And if you try it – let me know what you think!!!!

I will leave you with a couple projects I did on Friday night.

Both of these were done using BoBunny Petal Pushers. (my most favorite line right now). Just the colors and the papers are so fun to play with. The card was created based off the Card a Day Challenge at For the luv of Art to create a window card. My picture shows the outside and then the inside. Thanks y’all! ♥♥♥ xoxoxoxo – Renee

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Ooh, doggie – settle in folks. This is going to be a doozy of a post! I’m going to be packing in a lot of stuff in this post so grab some coffee and a muffin and get comfy. And don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

It’s been busy trying to catch up on 3 weeks worth of chores. I’m still trying to recover from vacation which I know I still have to finish my post for the 2nd part of our vacation. I will do that soon. – I know y’all can hardly contain your excitement *eyeroll*

We did have a good weekend though despite my PMS controlling my inner bitch. Saturday was busy with running errands and taking Cassie to the doctor to have him remove her earring.  It had somehow pushed through into her lobe and was stuck in there. Of course, I didn’t want to be the one to pull it out so we took her in. She did so good. The doctor even said, Well, this is as bad as bad can be. He thought he was going to have to slit the back of her ear to get the ring to pull through but by the time he got the numbing shot in her ear he was able to just pull it right out. Poor girl. She’s certainly in no rush to get her ears pierced again and actually wanted to take them out completely. Maybe in 4 years she will be ready to try again.

But Saturday night, I finally was able to get some scrap time in! I packed my bags and headed to Shanna’s house. It felt good to actually sit down and create.

I wish I would have had some extra time to try for the BoBunny Design Team Call but just didn’t happen for me this time around.  Although I did have fun playing around with BB papers this weekend. I sooooooo wanna get my hands on Peacock Lane, Sun Kissed, and Petal Pushers.

Here is what I did:

This layout I used the Persuasion Line, double dot cardstock and ribbon with a splash of Mamarazzi rubons. I have to give credit to the fun doodling around the page to Shanna who was kind enough to do it for me so I didn’t ruin the layout! hahahaha

Nice to have my own personal artist on hand! 😉

I created these next 2 cards for the Moxie Fab Challenge fun and cute challenge.

The papers for this are BoBunny Pet Shop. I fussy cut the dog, house, bowl and sentiment from the 12×12 full sheet and paper pieced it together.

And this for this one I used the ever adorable stamps from For the Luv of Art. Such versatile stamps that can be used over and over again! I just love the banner, and that cute little tree!

Now I’m going to rewind a bit since I never did get to share my exciting news from my Birthday weekend! My friends and husband are the most devious and sneaky little twerps but I just love them all so much!! They were all in on surprising me with Rachel (my BFF from Arizona) flying in to celebrate my 30th with me.

They had it planned to take me to a girls night on Friday while Tom picked Rachel up from the airport. Then as we all were sitting there enjoying our chips and salsa and drinks, the waiter comes over with 6 shotglasses full of tequila. We all kind of looked around at each other and I had assumed one of them said it was my b-day and bought us all a round but they looked just as puzzled and kept asking each other, did you, nope, not I, did you?  I finally asked the waiter who they were from and he said a Rachel. Then my friends were like, I don’t know a Rachel, do you know a Rachel? I said the only one I knew was my friend in Arizona. The waiter said there was a Rachel at the bar if I’d like to thank her. So I get out and there at the bar is Tom and Rachel. I just started to cry.

Shanna got this picture of us and it’s my favorite since it still shows tears in my eyes. That was the BEST surprise EVER.

Here are some pictures I got with my camera phone with my best peeps!

Saturday we took Rachel around Mississippi a bit. She was intent on seeing a gator so we drove around the Trace to the swamps and around the Rez but it was raining and we didn’t see any. 

Saturday night we had my actual birthday party at our house. Everyone had fun and I seriously couldn’t have dreamed of a better way to celebrate turning 30. Sunday was nice hanging out with Rachel. Then we took her out on the boat to go gator hunting – still wanted to see a Gator before going back to the desert. And luck was on her side. We actually saw about 5 of them after dark when we were heading back to dock. Here’s a picture of one that came right up to the boat following Tom’s fishing line. 

It was hard to say bye to Rachel but I am sooooooooo glad she came out and that I have the greatest friends and husband to surprise me the way they did! LOVE THEM!

I will leave you with some more pictures. If you’ve stuck through this far! THank you and hugs to all of ya!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

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We’ve actually been having quite a bit of sunshine lately. Too  much if you ask me. I’m really pulling for some cloudy rainy days here so it’ll come and cool us down a bit. With the humidity our heat index is tapping out above 100 degrees and it’s just brutal. Takes the breath out of you!

Poor Tom was working out in the yard all day in it too while I was busy inside cleaning the house and doing laundry. You know the fun things you HAVE to get done before going on vacation for a few days?  The girls even cleaned their room and reorganized their stuff. We made a day of it almost. But even inside, the humidity was so bad, I was working up a sweat! Which isn’t a bad thing I suppose but it sure does make me grouchy (but then again, doing normal housework makes the evil come out in me). I think that’s why Tom runs to do yardwork when I clean. The horns are out and he stays out of my way! hahaha  But I’m here to tell ya – my pet peeve is to bust my @$$ cleaning and feel like no one cares and can’t pick up after themselves where I”m recleaning what I just cleaned. Grrrrrr.

ok..off my warpath….

I was able to get in some scrappy time this weekend in between a friends daughter’s 1st birthday party, which was so cute and fun, and watching the USA lose to Ghana and kick themselves out of the World Cup – another grrrrr. I was so happy about getting the time to scrap a little so I could fiddle with my June Kit from Fortheluvofart.  I love this kit and am getting down to using it all but I know I have a few more things I can crank out with it still!

Here’s the layout I did of Sidney. I took this picture of her when she was here last for Spring Break.  It’s one of my favorites of her.

The kit is filled with lots of MME and Fancy Pants and everything on here came from the kit EXCEPT the black thicker letters.  And check out those feathers!!  How fun is that?  Adds just enough spunk to the flower on this otherwise VERY simple page.  I really wanted to keep this page clean to focus on the picture and the papers were so pretty alone I couldn’t junk it up too much!

This other layout I started to create based off a challenge at Fortheluvofart but didn’t finish (ahem, by that I mean START) until this weekend. And the challenge was from 2 weeks ago. I did combine some kit goodies in here albeit small detail items. Such as the heart and ribbon, pattern paper (except music sheet).  Did some misting on this but I kept this one simple as well since I’m putting it in a frame for Tom.

This layout I created for this past week’s challenge at FTLOA to use fabric on your page. I used some old burlap and fleece.

I love this picture of Cassie and how sweet she looks. What it doesn’t show is her sassy side too! LOL This kid is a riot and certainly is a lot of fun and entertainment!

This card I created couple weeks ago too for the card a day challenge at FTLOA but forgot to share it. The challenge was to create a card doing fussy cutting. I created this neighborhood scene by simply cutting the houses out of the paper by October Afternoon. Cut some scallops out of black cardstock and created the lanes with a white gel pen. Easy peasy.

And then I created this card for TODAY’S challenge at FTLOA to create a card that has some sort of paper piecing! I paper pieced the little umbrella and stitched it together. The clouds I hand drew out of glittered foam and the raindrops are metal accents from Joann’s. Embossed the background using the Swiss Dot folder onto Core’dinations cardstock and sanding it down.  The sentiment is a SRM Sticker! LOVE those stickers!

That’s all I have to share for you today. I will update again later this week with some more fun things and to just pop in before we start our vacation! I hope you all have a great start to your week! xoxoxoxoxo

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Neil A. Maxwell
We should certainly count our blessings, but we should also make our blessings count.

I made this mini album from the pictures I took of my family while Tom and I were visiting them in Texas over Thanksgiving. The people in the photo are: me and Tom, my two nieces, my cousin, my mom and stepdad, my grandma and her sister and my grandpa.  I wish we could have our 4 girls in the pictures as well to make the album complete. I may just have to add on. Be sure to click on the thumbnails in the photos below to see the larger file. Also, I added journal strips to the back of the two half inserts since I’ve taken the pictures of the pages.

Journaling strips have been added to the back

I had so much fun creating this little mini. I just love to put them together and I’m getting pretty fast at doing it. Once you get one page done the rest seem to flow from there! And wait…there’s even more to share!

Here are two layouts I also got completed:

For this one, I played along with Diana’s Sketchy Thursday for the basis of this page – be sure to check her sketches out! They are awesome and there is a DT Call going on as well!

The papers are American Crafts. I just love how these girls enjoy baking cookies. We have so much fun when we do it. We crank the IPOD on and they get so creative by cutting and shaping their own cookies. Plus, who can forget the messy part? By the time we are through – there is usually quite a mess to clean up but to me that’s the best part of baking cookies with these girls! They like to put the flour on their faces to give them the real “baker” look. It’s funny!

and this is a picture of me and my cousin, Samantha. She is more like a sister to me than my cousin. I love this girl so much and hate that she’s so far away.  I used these papers from my stash that technically don’t even go together but for some reason when I placed them side by side, I fell in love. I cut the flower paper in half and added the blue scallop from BoBunny Double Dot cardstock. I cut the center hole from the original flower then punched a daisy out from a punch and pop dotted them to add dimension and depth to the flower. Added a few little gems and it was finished!

So how shocked are you to actually see a post of mine with only layouts and a mini album?  hahahaha – seems like I’ve been doing nothing but cards lately so it was awesome to get some actual scrapBOOKING done! I appreciate you stopping by and hope you have a creative week/weekend!


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